I ensure the optimum playability of your bass.  This includes setting the neck relief, action and intonation correctly.  I provide general maintenance to safeguard  the value of Your instrument and identify any issues. Fret polishing, electronic cleaning and fretboard oil are standard.


At Guitar Care Co of Upper Marlboro, I perform setups by taking measurements, restoring

your guitar to the proper measurements and then making final adjustments

based on feel. Your satisfaction is important.

Twelve Point Service

1. Truss rod adjustment to provide the proper amount of relief in the neck.

(.010 mm measured at the 8th and 9th fret)(.012 for basses)

2. Bridge height adjustment to adjust the string height 17th fret

3. Rotate volume & tone pots. Deoxit if scratchy, tighten if loose, note any

recommendations for the owner.

4. Clean & polish the frets.

5. Clean the fretboard & oil (Rosewood, Pau Ferro and Ebony.)

6. Change strings and tune. Lubricate nut.

7. Tighten loose tuning machines and torque if necessary.

8. Tighten any loose screws on the body.

9. Check and adjust the pickup height.

10. Set and adjust the intonation. 

11. Clean the bass.

12. Play the bass and check for buzzing, playability, overall feel.


Replace, upgrade or fix existing electronics. Output jacks, pickups,

potentiometers, switches.