Guitar Setups

If you just bought a brand new guitar, then the first thing you should do is get a professional guitar setup to ensure that it plays optimally. When you bring your guitar to GuitarCare.Co, we will do what you want done.  A guitar setup traditionally will typically consist of changing the strings, adjusting the string height, intonation, truss rod, and action. Depending on the actual guitar and its current condition, there may be additional activities that are a bit more involved, such as fret dressing, filing the nut, adjusting the tremolo, or cleaning the frets. can identify any manufacturing defects or other issues that you might not be aware of. This might warrant you returning the instrument to save headaches and money later on.

If the guitar has travelled a long way to get to you, the change in humidity and/or temperature could have drastically affected the factory setup. Not that factory setups are usually that good in the first place.

Typically, unless you paid goo-gobs for your get a new guitar, the quality control for your guitar will be low.  Things will be loose, the action will funky, or there may be some fret buzz. The factory setup on a new guitar will often have the action set a little higher than optimal, so it’s usually a good idea to have a brand new guitar adjusted to your preferences. Even if there are no glaring issues, it still won’t be set up to fit your style of play. For example, you may prefer to use heavier strings or play with an ultra-low action (string height).

In truth, you could do all this work yourself.  If you are not comfortable making these adjustments, or sorting through useful YouTube videos I would suggest bringing your guitar to GuitarCare.Co to avoid the risk of permanently damaging it.  This is especially true if you have a guitar with a Floyd Rose or other floating tremolo. You should not try to set up a floating tremolo on your own if you’re a beginner.

We guarantee to listen to you and ask you what you want. You will be included in all decisions before we order a part, string, or perform a surgery.

Having a professional setup will ensure that your guitar feels comfortable to you and sounds the way it should, allowing you to get the most out of your instrument. If your guitar is not brand new, it will still require some maintenance every once in a while. Over time, your guitar will suffer from wear and tear including, warping of the neck, wearing down of the frets, dried out fretboard, fret buzz, etc.

This is completely normal, even if you properly maintain your guitar.

Like a dentist wants to check your teeth, it is good to have your instrument checked out because the drastic change is the weather is when the wood in your guitar is going to react the most substantially. And just like a health check, it is important to have this service performed regularly in order to catch any small issues before they can become more serious or expensive.

Plus, you can think of your guitar like it’s a machine with a ton of moving parts. If you have not played your guitar for almost six months, you may need to take it for a professional set up to restore some functions. Metal does wear out.  Electronics are vulnerable to surges and can be sensitive to dust. Wood does contract and expand.

Any other time you notice a persistent issue with the sound while playing, you may need to take it to someone for a partial set up.  Why not us?

Even something as simple as changing string gauge can have an adverse effect on the overall playability of your guitar!

Guitar Care Company is a Marine Corps veteran owned business in Prince Georges County, Maryland, dedicated to excellent personal customer service operated by Rev. Kenn Blanchard. Service is by appointment only. Call 202-437-1972. We’re happy to examine your instrument and discuss whatever work it may need.

We are offering personalized repair services for both electric / acoustic guitars and basses.

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